Sushi Yama started up in 2008 and is now the largest chain of sushi restaurants in Sweden. Sushi Yama is today situated in 25 different locations and also has its own sushi school for the internal training of chefs.

Sushi Yama has been using digital menus for a long period of time and has now chosen to develop the solution with Vertiseit as a total supplier. The solution provides the ability to control the menus scheduling both locally and centrally and to work with dynamic pricing.

“In our procurement of digital menus we chose Vertiseit much because of their understanding for our business and also that they could present a customized solution that lives up to and exceeds our demands and expectations.” says Danny Barsoum, Chief Brand Officer at Sushi Yama.

We look forward to the cooperation with Sushi Yama and wishes them all the best with their new concept.

A new concept for Sushi Yamas menus